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手作りのお葬式Funeral-art decorations urns 骨壷

Art-urns,Handmade-funeral Decorations,pet-urns手作りの葬式教室と骨壷・終活と生前葬

*Executive Summary ( seek Angel for this new consept )*

Teaching funeral-art decorations for new concept business as a funeral-decorator in U.S., Japan, any where.

"The funeral-art Decorations" which yumi Morimoto established uses funeral-decoration as an art method. In her opinion, each person has a defferent life so their funeral-decorations should be defferent as well.

Using this art method to finally express individuality.

The most important thing in funeral-decorations is to express a persons life.

The cyrriculum is consist of knowledge of colors,fabrics and styles.

Study Elegant, Modern and mixed cultures such as Oriental X Western,

African X Western, South East Asian X Western,Middle Eastern X Weatern or so on.

The Japanese TV (NHK) took Funeral-art Decoration lessons for evening news.

From 2011,April, Funeral-art Decoration lessons class starts at NHK's Art-school in Osaka Japan.

This poster is the 

exhibition in New York in 2010 


Hands on of handmade urn by students.ピンクやグリーンに手作りされた骨壷にゴールドで手書きの絵を入れている授業。分骨壷は特に人気があり、いつまでも思い出として、手元供養にできるよう、生前葬のパーティーに展示したり、



ペット用の可愛いピンクの棺も森本由美がプロデュース。ペットロスも少しは癒されるかも知れません。I am looking for NewYork's pet cemetery which can business with my pet coffins.ペットちゃんのお葬式にはこんな可愛いピンクの棺はいかがでしょうか?



I am looking for New York's pet cemetery which can have business with my designed pet coffins , pet caskets in New York.