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手作りのお葬式Funeral-art decorations urns 骨壷

Art-urns,Handmade-funeral Decorations,pet-urns手作りの葬式教室と骨壷・終活と生前葬

Funeral-Art Decorations Artist


「Beautiful Ideas of Decoration」

Yumi Morimoto was born in Osaka.

She likes pictures, arts from her childhood.

Since she became an adult, she lived in New York, London and Hong kong to study arts and decorations.

Especially, she was deeply inspired by meeting beautiful funeral in London.

She studied funeral in U.K.

After she came back to Japan, she invented new funeral-decoration which named “The Funeral-art®”.

Funeral-decorations with using art to heal deceased and family of the deceased.

The art casket decoration works are mixed the beautiful ideas with oriental mind and western style, art urns,Art pet casket and the produce of funeral service.

Recently, She designs casket also.

"The funeral-art Decorations" which Yumi Morimoto established uses funeral-decoration as an art method, in her opinion, each person has a different life so, their funeral-decorations should be different as well.

Using this art method to finally express individuality. The most important thing in funeral-decorations is to express a person’s life.

From 2005, The first exhibition of “The Funeral-art” started, since then exhibition in Tokyo, Kobe, London, New York every year.

2005, She got prize of Osaka at “Woman’s business idea contest” presents by Fuji-Sankei group.

2009, NHK, Kansai-TV Tokyo- TV broadcasted her documentary.

Since she established “the Funeral-art”, many major Japanese newspapers introduced her art activity.

*From yumi Morimoto

I think my life can make movie,,,.

The material for nobel or movie. For News item.

I saw many funeral in the world, Many art coffins I saw,

but my funeral decorations are different.

I express more individuality.

I create new category combine art & funeral.









ペットのお葬式もそのペットらしいお葬式を表現してもいい筈です。私が長年暮らしてきたニューヨークにも沢山のペットの墓地(Pet cemetery)があります。



「this is the exhibition in Kobe in 2010.

Pink funeral-art decoration were main art ideas.

Each people has different lives ,so funeral must be not the same.」

From yumi Morimoto

The funeral-artist